Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Side bar!

Work on the pirate is coming along... Right now, he's kind of a stationary doll. Meaning his arms will not be moveable nor will his legs. I'm also not sure how much I like how his torso came out. But I'll finish him the way he is and then see about making a revised version of him to work the kinks out. Maybe make jointed least as far as the shoulder and hips go.

But this is not the reason I write morning. I'm up waaaay too late! My neighbors do the "You have been boo'd/ghosted" thing each year at Halloween. We were ghosted the other night, so today I put together the goodie trays to boo some of my other neighbors. I try to remember to include something for each kid in the family plus something for the house (a decoration for the house, little trinkets for the kids) and realized, after I'd put the trays together, that I forgot the newest addition to one of my neighbor's family. Now, she's not quite one, so I didn't think a beaded necklace would be a good idea. I'd found these little pumpkins at the 99¢ store that are sort of like the plastic Easter eggs... They pop apart and you can put goodies inside them.

As I pondered what to put inside a little plastic pumpkin that would be safe for a 7 month old, it struck me that babies pretty much would shake something like that, or slobber on it as they try to stuff it in their mouths. Which caused the proverbial light bulb to illuminate over my head.

I decided to fill the pumpkin with some pony beads that I have a ton of and then encase it in a crocheted "body" to make a rattle. Why stop there? Why not design a couple different rattle critters?

Well, I didn't design more than one so far... All I have so far is a Halloween kitty. However, I do have plans to do perhaps a pumpkin and maybe a ghost... Maybe branch out into other motifs. I think I'll have to go back to the 99¢ store to get more pumpkins!

I'll post pictures tomorrow of the kitty rattle and the plastic pumpkins....

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