Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crocheted Flower Pattern

As promised, here are the instructions for creating the crocheted flower I used for Baby Grace's headband.

I used a size F hook with Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn (sport weight) to end up with a flower that's approximately 1.5" large.

To begin, ch 3. Slip stitch (sl st) in first chain to form a ring, ch 1

Work 10 single crochet (sc) in the ring. Sl st to first ch

Ch 2 and work 2 half double crochet (hdc) in same space; sl st in next sc; * 3 hdc in next sc; sl st in next sc * Repeat from * to * 4 times; end with sl st in base of ch 2

(You should now have a small flower with five petals)

Working on the WRONG side of flower, insert crochet hook at base of sl st and sl st; ch 1

(This photo shows the hook being inserted at the base of the slip stitch on the wrong side of work)

* Insert hook under post of hdc near the sl st between petals (see photo below) and work 1 sc; ch 1 * Repeat from * to * 4 times; end with sl st in top of 1st sc

(This photo shows the hook being inserted under the post of hdc from previous rnd)

You should now have a ring behind your small flower. This gives us the foundation to create the second layer of flower petals to give the completed flower its 3-dimensionality.

(This photo shows the ring on wrong side of flower)

Ch. 2; triple crochet (tr c) in 1st ch. 1 space (see photo below) & dc in same space, ch 1; sl st in sc; * dc in next ch 1 sp, tr c, dc; sl st in sc * Repeat from * to * 4 times; end with a sl st in base of first sc; Finish off, weave in ends

(This photo shows the hook inserted in a ch 1 space of the ring)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me or post a comment!

Baby Grace's Ensemble

I've completed an entire outfit for Baby Grace in crochet that I plan to mail to her for her baby shower this weekend!

First, we've got her Ruffled Baby Dress that she should fit into around spring time. 
Front of dress
Back of dress

Next, we have her headband, using Chelle's Headband pattern. The flower on both the headband and the dress are my own design...although I make no claims that it's an original design. :) If someone else, out there in Crochet-land, has come up with the same pattern, you're welcome to the glory of being the designer. :)

I'll post the directions separately, complete with photos since it can be a bit tricky to just explain it!

Finally, we've got a matching pair of baby Mary Janes.

...to complete her entire outfit!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy, baby, busy

My 26 year old niece is expecting her first baby next month. So the past few months I've been knitting and crocheting like crazy making her things. Being the spaz I am, though, I haven't been taking pictures of my completed works before I've shipped them off to her! One item, in particular, was a really lovely baby bonnet that I truly wish I'd photo'd before I sent it to her...I'm pretty proud of it... It turned out so nice! Ah well. I'll ask my brother to get some pictures for me. :)

I've knitted my grand-niece-to-be (it's a girl, the sonogram shows!) two sweaters, thus far. Two pairs of booties and the aforementioned bonnet. I've also knitted her a little pumpkin hat (since she's supposed to be a fall baby) that I still have in my possession. I've just completed crocheting her a spring dress with a matching headband, which I still have, also. These items I plan to photograph tomorrow, so stay tuned! :) I still plan on making a pair of crocheted mary janes to match the dress and I also have a little security blanket on a set of circular knitting needles that's in progress. Exciting stuff!

My kids keep asking me when I'm going to make THEM something. Some day, I tell them. Just not today. :)