Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Grace's Ensemble

I've completed an entire outfit for Baby Grace in crochet that I plan to mail to her for her baby shower this weekend!

First, we've got her Ruffled Baby Dress that she should fit into around spring time. 
Front of dress
Back of dress

Next, we have her headband, using Chelle's Headband pattern. The flower on both the headband and the dress are my own design...although I make no claims that it's an original design. :) If someone else, out there in Crochet-land, has come up with the same pattern, you're welcome to the glory of being the designer. :)

I'll post the directions separately, complete with photos since it can be a bit tricky to just explain it!

Finally, we've got a matching pair of baby Mary Janes.

...to complete her entire outfit!

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Smitten Knitten said...

That entire outfit is just too adorable. I especially love the booties!