Friday, October 29, 2010

Black Cat Rattle

As mentioned in my last entry, here are pictures of the cat rattle that I made using a plastic Halloween pumpkin container that I'd found at the 99¢ Store. At some point, I'll translate my chicken scratch into a pattern... I may also make a few alterations and, considering the pumpkin containers aren't something that will be easily found at any time of the year, perhaps I'll try making the rattles with either Easter eggs (if you're like me, you'll have a great big bagful of them in your garage or wherever you keep your decorations when they're not being used) or maybe even those eggs that pantyhose come in. Either way, the project is probably low on the totem pole with the Christmas holidays coming up!

In the meantime, after you've checked out the photos, if you really want to know how it was made, drop me a line (or comment) and I'll contact you with the directions. :)

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