Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sick Kids & Free Pattern Download Links

All three kids have been sick, now, for about 4 days. Fevers, coughing, sore throats...the works. I took them all to the doctor yesterday and was pretty much told they just have colds and we have to wait it out. I kind of knew that, but considering they'd had fevers for 3 days at the time, I didn't want to go into the weekend not knowing if they needed to be on antibiotics for strep throat or something. Better safe than sorry!

Hubby is currently out of town, somewhat, as well. He's about a 90 minute drive away at his family's cabin, doing maintenance. So it's just been the kids and me since Thursday night.

One "good" thing about them all being sick is that they just don't seem to have the motivation to fight or argue as much as they do when they're healthy! But having all three of them in a room, taking turns's chinese water torture!

I've been able to do my crocheting and such in the evenings after they go to bed. In addition to the amigurumi patterns I've created (see the download links to the left in their own little sidebar section), I've spent some time whipping up some little bunnies for the kids' Easter baskets. I've got two to go. They all know they're getting them because they're all nosey and have seen them. :) I'm making them wait 'til Easter to get them, though.

I've now set my mind to coming up with a Blue Jay amigurumi pattern. Little J's coach pitch baseball team is the Blue Jays...I thought it'd be cute for them to all have their own little blue jay to commemorate their season at the end of the season party next month. Guess what I'll be fiddling around with tonight?? :)

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