Monday, April 6, 2009

Blue Jay Progress

Progress is being made! I stayed up far too late last night working on my little blue jay. I got as far as making his body and one of his wings before I had to finally admit I needed to get some sleep. I thought about taking pictures of the WIP, but I was too tired. :) By the time I get around to taking pictures, he should be done. Stay tuned!

In other news, the kids are all still home today. It's spring break, officially, for the two older kids. But K is still sick (day 7!) and Little J seems to be a little under the weather still despite his fever being gone. T is supposed to have pre-school today, but he, too, seems to be coughing with a runny nose a little more than I'm comfortable sending him to school with, so I kept him home.

More laundry does my blue jay (that I really can't wait to get back to, but I'm being good and trying to get my housework done and tend to the kids before picking it back up!)

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