Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blue Jay 2.0

Worked on him some more and came up with Blue Jay 2.0. :) I think there'll be a Blue Jay 2.5 before I make the pattern available. There's still something about his wings I'm not crazy about.

The differences with Blue Jay 2.0:

  • His beak is wider - I think I like the original beak better
  • His wings are shaped differently - Still not content with them
  • He has yarn knot eyes - My feeling is that the plastic/shiny eyes are a better fit
  • His tail has been reshaped - I like this tail a lot better
  • His body is crocheted all in one piece - The original was two halve, sewn together, figuring that it would make for a cleaner transition between the two colors. Sewing his tail over the transition point, though, camouflages it nicely.

Stay tuned! :)

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