Friday, May 15, 2009

Projects Galore!

I've got a lot on my plate... There are SO many wonderful patterns that I want to make and only so much time in a day. :)

This posting is pretty much just an update on what I've been doing, since I haven't been posting lately. So without further ado, here we go...
  • I'm test knitting a pattern for a purse. Because this isn't just a "for me" thing, I'm actually committed to finishing it in a timely manner. So at the moment, the purse is the only project I'm really working on. And I'm a slow knitter... Plus I really try to limit when I spend time working on my knitting/crocheting until the night time after kids are in bed and I'm too tired to do anything else housework related (she says as she blogs instead of doing housework!)
  • I just bought a pattern! First time ever...Other than pattern books from the store, I mean. I bought this super cute baby doll and doll backpack pattern from Kristie's Kids and can hardly wait to start working on it. There are several little girls our family knows who would LOVE to receive one. Excited!! :)
  • Both of my kids tote their paperback bibles with them to church...and both of their bibles are getting pretty beat up in the process. They NEEEEEEED bible covers! But will I go to the store and simply BUY them each a cover? Heck no! I'm going to make them each one. :)
  • I'm trying to get the kinks worked out on the Blue Jay pattern, too. I'm up to version 3.0 of the pattern and I have to admit, I'm ALMOST completely content with it. I think one more version will nail it, then I have to try to crank out 12 of them in a couple of weeks' time for Little J's baseball team (a bunchof 7 year olds). :)
There's also several other really cute patterns that I've stumbled across, lately, that I really want to make, but I haven't put them on the docket because there's no reason for me to make them other than I just want to. I'm sure you understand....

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