Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sick & Potty Training

It was only a matter of time. The kids keep bringing all sorts of germs into the house, coughing on me, sneezing on me. But I'd been fortunate enough to avoid most of their illnesses....until yesterday. It's not too terribly bad...I've definitely had worse colds before, but it's draining. All I want to do is curl up and go back to sleep, but alas...if I did that, no one would keep the baby from peeing or pooping on the floor!

Yes, I decided that, even though I wasn't feeling so great, it was time to try potty training Little T. He'll be 3 in June. I'd like him to start preschool in the fall. We've had two successful pees so far, and a bunch of failures, including one poop on the floor. Eek! But we won't give up. At least not until nap time, which is in about an hour. :)

I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon working on the hat my daughter wants me to make. It's coming along quickly, now that I've had my "Ah ha!" moment in altering the pattern to be knit in the round. I even
had Little T model it, which is why it looks big on his head (and he's not wearing a shirt due to the potty training thing...he's running around pretty much nekkid all day today). I'll try to work on it some more later when my energy has been sapped and all I can do is sit on the sofa. :)

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