Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Time to Knit

Or, maybe, a more accurate statement would be "no desire to knit" -- as blasphemous as that is!

I've thought a lot about picking up my needles and knitting in the evenings after the kids are in bed and hubby and I are sitting on the sofa, getting ready to watch DVR'd shows. But the past couple of days, I just haven't felt like it.

Hubby has also hurt his back, so he's been home the past few days, having to lie prone on his back in bed. He has an appointment with a specialist on Monday, but until then...he's kind of underfoot and putting a crimp in my stay-at-home style! Although I have to admit, I tend to get a lot more housework done knowing he's home "watching" me. I get to feeling guilty about taking time out to surf the web or play a silly game. For once, though, the laundry is almost completely done. One more load to do tomorrow before it starts all over again. :)

Maybe tonight will be a turning point... For now, though, I have to finish cleaning up from dinner and then get the kids ready for bed on my own since hubby can't help....

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